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Trisomie 21 Official - La Fête Triste

risomie 21 came into being in 1981. Hervé et Philippe Lomprez were joined by Jean Michel Matuszak (friend and mentor) and Pascal Tison (bass guitar).
In 2017, Hervé and Philippe Lomprez decided to go back to the studio, boosted by new encounters such as with Martin Toulemonde, friend and fan of the band that Philippe met in 2005 after a “grand mix” concert in Tourcoing; Olivier Lechevestrier, manager and faithful friend of T21 was also part of all this, even Pascal Tison, the original bass guitar player from the first EP appeared on one song, as if as a tribute to their past. Written in secret, the album was entitled “Elegance Never Dies”. The few people who listened to it have said that it is one of the band’s very best works.
For this occasion, Trisomie 21 is going back on stage for a world tour that will take them to New York, Los Angeles, London, Athens, Bologna etc… stopping also in France from Lille to Paris then from Strasbourg to St Etienne.
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